Lentil, Mulligatwany, Fish or Tomato


Onion Bhaji


Deep fried, crispy, spiced onion balls




Fresh honey


Prawn Cocktail


Fresh water prawns


Vegetable Roll


 Lightly spiced vegetables rolled in a puri


Chicken Mushroom Roll


Spicy chicken and mushroom rolled into a garlick puri


Sheek Kebab


Succulent minced lamb rolls, blended with special herbs and spices. Served with a salad and mint sauce


Chicken Mokhmoli Kebab


Chicken prepared with fresh herbs & green chillies, served with a green salad


Chicken or Lamb Tikka


Succulent boneless pieces of chicken or lamb, marinated then barbecued, served with a salad and minty sauce


Bhuna Prawn on Puree


Prawns cooked with special herbs, and spices


Baja Mach


Lightly spiced fish, pan fried and served with spicy onion sauce


Chicken or Lamb Tikka Paneer


Marinated boneless chicken cooked in Tandoor and served with cheese


Chingri Varkee


Grilled green pepper stuffed with spicy prawns


Dhai Baigon


Grilled aubergine, stuffed with vegetables, topped with spiced yoghurt


Xenuk (mussels)


Cooked with spices in shell


Kakra (crab meat)


Lightly spice crab meat


Tandoori Trout


Clay oven grilled rainbow trout


King Prawn Bhaji


Super king prawns, stir fried with garlic, fresh ginger, onions and fresh coriander


Kebab (Platter for two)


A selection of kebabs and tikkas, served with a salad and minty yoghurt sauce