Main Courses

Chefs Recommendations

Murgh Jeera Sangam


Chicken cooked with great flavour or cumin in a medium hot sauce




Tender pieces of chicken breast marinated and barbecued over flaming charcoal and then cooked again in a wonderful, subtle creamy sauce. Mild strength




Lean chicken breast marinated and barbecued in the tandoor and cooked again with fresh crushed garlic, ginger, green chilli, coriander, pinch of sugar, cream and spinach. The dish of distinctive colour, hence the name “Hiriali”, meaning green


Horin (venison)


Lean tender fillet of venison marinated and grilled, served over specially prepared mild creamy sauce, complimented with vegetable pillau and very lightly spiced selection of vegetables. Very exquisite dish


Murgh Zahl Roshun


Diced chicken cooked mainly with garlic and fresh green chillies. A Hot dish




Tender pieces of chicken breast cooked with mixed sweet peppers, butter, fresh cream, ground coconut and a good selection of fragrant spices. A mild strength dish


Lamb Pasanda


Prime pieces of lamb, cooked in fresh cream, yoghurt and almonds in a subtle sauce


Zaffron King Prawns


King prawns cooked with a special blend of mixed spices, aromatic saffron and fresh herbs. Served with saffron rice and selected vegetables


Patrani Mach


Fish marinated in herbs and spices. Glazed with specially made achar sauce, wrapped (traditionally in banana leaves) in folied and cooked by a method of steaming, served in a sauce of onion, tomato and mustard seeds. This dish includes rice


Imlidar Misti Hansh


Lean slices of duck breast cooked with tamarind and honey in a mild sauce


Jinghe Sorse


Super king prawn simply cooked in garlic and butter with fresh mustard seeds. Served with selected vegetables


Shat Kora Delight


This particular dish comes from the Sylhet region of Bangladesh. This dish is cooked with Shat Kora (from the citrus family) which gives authentic zesty fragrance and taste. Choose from chicken, lamb or beef


Ministers Special (exclusive beef dish)


Piece of fillet steak cooked in a traditional manner so as to preserve the flavour and authenticity of the dish. It is a dish full of flavour, pleasantly aromatic and of medium strength. Served with fragrant basmati rice and all the trimmings