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Christmas Day

25th December 2012


We will be open on Christmas Day and will be serving a fusion of traditional Christmas meal with an Indian touch. Our chef has put together a Christmas Day menu which will have a mixture of traditional Christmas meal and lightly spiced Indian choice.


Advance booking is required for Christmas Day.


Our opening times will be from 12 noon to 6m.


2 Sittings available:

1st Sitting Arrival: 12:00pm – 12:30pm

2nd Sitting Arrival: 2:30pm – 3:00pm








Papadums with Assorted Pickles (V)



Pan Fried Salmon

Lightly spiced cubes of salmon served with a spicy onion sauce


Chicken Kebab with Tamarind Sauce

Minced chicken prepared with fresh garlic, ginger and herbs, served with a sweet and sour tamarind sauce.


Stuffed Pepper with Mixed Vegetables (V)

Grilled green pepper stuffed with stirred fried mixed vegetables


Prawns in Garlic and Butter Sauce


Chicken Tikka with Mint and Yogurt Sauce

Succulent pieces of chicken marinated in fresh spices and herbs and barbecued in a tandoori clay oven served with green salad and mint and yogurt sauce.



Roast Turkey

Succulent breast of turkey served with salad, roasted potatoes and selection of cooked vegetables


Fillet Steak

Served with salad, French fries and with selection of cooked vegetables


Lamb Pasanda *

Prime pieces of lamb cooked in fresh cream, coconut milk and almond, served in mild creamy sauce.


Chicken Korai *

Medium spiced diced chicken cooked with onion and tomato and served sizzling from the pan


Bhuna King Prawns *

Medium strength dish with mixture of gently fried spices, onions, capsicum and tomatoes cooked to dry thick sauce


Sag Panner (V) * 

Fresh spinach cooked with cottage cheese, garlic and green chillies


* Dishes served with choice of different flavoured rice or nan



Christmas Pudding


Choice of dessert from our dessert menu



Tea or Coffee with Chocolate Mint




Adults £29.95

Children 12 and under £15.95

Under 3 years no charge


N.B A deposit of 50% per person is required at the time of making reservation.